Mountain View (⾒⼭)

A-Sun Wu, 2013

Mountain View (⾒⼭)
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W. 54 cm ; H. 54,5 cm


Ink on paper


A-Sun Wu (B. 1942) is a Taiwanese artist who has been living between Paris and Taipei since the early 1990s. He is a rare artist who was educated as a classical painter at the Taipei School of Fine Arts. He then came to study in Europe, then stayed in the United States to take the pulse of Western contemporary art. But his curiosity did not stop there.

The many trips to Africa, South America and the Pacific Islands allowed him to rediscover the tropical forests of his youth and to meet people close to nature and living outside of modernity. From them, he also drew an aesthetic vocabulary that was familiar to him, close to that of the Austronesians in Taiwan.

His expressionist sensibility is often inspired by the power and vigour of the tribal arts of the regions he has travelled through.

 A-Sun Wu experiments with various techniques, painting with acrylic on canvas and wood, and with ink on paper. He also sculpts on wood.

Exhibitions :
-2022 Heat: South Island, Yinggo Spot Craft Gallery, Taiwan
-2018 Transgression of wild ink, Contemporary painting exhibition
Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Indian ink by A-Sun Wu.
National Gallery of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Taipei, Taiwan
-2018 A-Sun WU Retrospective Exhibition:Instinct‧Memory‧.primitive energy, National Museum of Fine Arts Museum, Taichung, Taiwan
-2018 Primitive Modern Integral, Return of the Nomad To Fashion: presentation of designer products – Yilan Museum, Yilan,Taiwan
-2017 An Uninhibited Gaze, Ceramics Exhibition by Pablo Picasso, Hans Hartung, Manfred Borsi, A-Sun Wu and Paloma Chang, National Taiwan Research and Development Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Works in public collections:
United Nations, New York, USA
Pu-Ten Museum, Okinawa, Japan
Ikeda, Museum of 20th Century Art-Ito, Japan
Utsucushi Gahara-Nagoya Museum, Japan
Paul Valéry Museum, Sète, France
Taipei Municipal Museum, Taiwan
Kaoshiung Municipal Museum, Taiwan
Museum of Modern Art, San Paulo, Brazil
National Gallery of the Principality of Andorra, Principality of Andorra